A Private View.


What news today?

Radio, television or paper.

Something exciting?

A horse-race, hockey game, or life-story!

Neither of these;

An event important;


Why so concerned?

Reflections of past associates;

Thoughtful and occupied;

A chronicle of life past.

Lost and found!

A surprise, a shock;

Wave of depression.

Events; Uncontrolled; Pass by;


By some involved;

Others uncaring.

Joyful, not always;

Traumatic, reflective.

A burden;

To lay upon open conscience.

Listen if the message is yours;

Turn away if not;

Ignore the preamble; Repetitive.


At what cost to regal players?

An open book;

Unlike laundry, hanging.


A sport? Not Game! Unfair!

No rules applied;

No quarter given;

It is time to switch off;

Those who steal, the light!


1993. © Will George.


Will George Poet