Who am I if I am not my brother's keeper?

Who am I?

"I Am that I Am," saith the Lord;

"Go amongst My people and be their shepherd."

Why charge me so?

Is this to be my life?

"It is mine! (not yours!)

To choose!

To change!

To control!"

I breathe! I think! I am!

A person.

Why can I not do what I wish?

"You are Mine," saith the Lord.

Who am I?

"Dust to dust and ashes to ashes."

"I Am and you are Mine!"

A body, an entity to occupy time and space.

For how long?


A time where none exists.

Who created this place?

The Universe, the Cosmos, this Galaxy!

This Solar System, this planet Earth!

This space within this body!

Pulsing with thought!



I am at one with all;

I am at one with I Am!

I am my brother's keeper;

I am who keeps me!

There is no choice;

Whose decision is made?

For eternity!

Resistance; Yes there may be!

Ignorance; Wilful, neglectful.

We turn away easily;

From responsibility, compassion and commitment.

Should I cry the tears You have shed, Lord?

Where am I? Where is I Am?

My pain is Yours;

My suffering;

Yours is mine;

But there is Joy!



There is peace.


Mar. 5th. 1994 © Will George.

Will George Poet