When My Lord calls me , I will go.

My voice shall be stilled.

I will listen to my testimony,

There is nothing not heard before.

In the shadow darkness is pale.

No face is hidden, no soul covered

Turning away, only to find

Immersion, none but universal.

How can we stand naked

Our raiment as cast offs.

Pride provides no shield

Simplicity accepted, well aged.

Fear bears no fruit

All past is known

Quickening and anguish

Remorse, cold and mute.


Lord Jesus, we are immersed

In the darkness of the night.

Sorrow racks the frame;

Cold is the knowledge

There is no care, no friend.

No tears of purity

To wash away the blame.

Now there is silence,

Blindness in the dark

No vision, no dream.

Where will it lead


I struggle to no avail

No self pity, no satisfaction

Why me?

No followers to show concern

Each turned away

How easy, how lonely

You are the highest court of appeal.



The Lord moves with us.

We seek His wisdom in our presence.

He listens to our petitions

We wait, impatient to response.

His words are of full meaning

We see not; all things we are told.

Time is of His choosing.

Our minds recite slow to the tongue.

Visions are granted freely

We walk where He wills our will.

Night extends throughout darkness

We lose our way knowingly.

His Light waits to comfort us.

We wrap ourselves in shadow.

Footsteps are laid before us;

Ours is the choice of assurance.

Tolerance is reflected,

Passion displayed.


June 16th. 1992 © Will George.

Will George Poet