What is it, in deed?


The voice of reason among insanity. What is it?

My viewpoint preoccupies itself until I can hear and understand!

To each his own, thought, idea; but only until it is offered to someone else.

Youth are formed by their childhoods.

Diverse, deviant, reckless and some without charity.

They are influenced by their peers, but more so by parents,

often adults who in their action show and give care.

Corruptness appears frequently from one generation to the next!


There are many who are heartless and lack empathy.

To these power has been given and privilege has been taken to extreme.

This is not a fair representation of social structure.

Minorities, unsung, have taken over to the chagrin of others.

Coloured truths are applied indiscriminately.

Phobic are the oxymorons of those who lash out.

The persecuted turn and they the persecutors become.

Vengeful and vengeant are the actions of those once cowardly.


Labels do not show feeling or index solutions.

There are those who misdirect the concern or thought of awareness

to put aside how destructive each anomaly is.

Poor and unskilled sociopaths spend lifetimes wasted,

unable to achieve the required successes,

letting inadequacy become the norm for too many and too much.

The frightened run and hide in the face of every challenge;

to them what they see seemingly is what they are!


How will the lives of children improve?

By educating their parents, firstly or lastly, together!

It should be with love and with patience that each is taught,

even the stubborn and belligerent need gentle correction.

There will be those who are a lost cause;

this is unfortunate for the reason will not be ability.

it will be mentality, grid-locked and unchangeable,

from the commonest to the sophisticated the outcome may be similar.


July 25th. 1997 © Will George.




Will George Poet