"I know from where my help cometh!"

A promise given, a gift endowed.

All things we will be told;

All things we will receive!

We may interpret the Word,

Or we may understand.

We may ask for knowledge,

Or we may ask for Truth.

We who are not of the world,

Seek the protection of God.

We who believe in Christ,

May be guided by the Counselor.

Ask of the Father in Christ's name,

Not for the things of the world;

But for the things of heaven,

So that you may survive the world.

The message given is plain to hear,

The words content fully clear.

John recorded, the heart to stir,

To open the soul, its path to steer.

"Lift up your heads, O Ye Gates,"

And the King of Glory will come in."

Open the mind, open the heart,

Open the soul and do not wait.

The Psalms, the words of wisdom reflect,

Of prophets, of martyrs and kings.

The books of the law are circumspect,

In judgment of those who would be token.

What choice will be made?

What actions will be followed?

Which is the greater gift?

Is it to know the truth, or is it to have all knowledge.

Will George © April 2007

Will George Poet