Trial and Temptation.


Is it weakness

Or strength of will?

Which cause calls us

To follow until

Satisfaction is achieved?


There are many elements of fun

In which we want participation;

Although not all should be done.

Our mind is not master alone,

Of our bodies wish for action.


We seek to accomplish much;

A purpose perhaps with focus,

Where we see only the good,

But there are times unfound

Where success remains untouched.


Are we assured of greater self?

Sufficiency of intrinsic need.

Is it our mind we feed?

To grow, to satisfy, gain wealth

Of choice and unlimited deeds.


Is it a test? The trial of will,

Or engagement of simpler truth.

Shall we stand aside, aloof?

Do we identify needs to fulfil?

To forgive our shortfall of youth!


All things are good, our belief;

We persuade ourselves of this,

A common oft quoted fallacy!

We do what we want, our wish,

But we soon find our choice amiss.


The grey clouds reflect our passion,

Hide our thoughts held aground;

Colour our soul's temptation,

Let our senses remain bound,

Waiting for relief of aggression.


We cannot do all things we would;

For time and age, they limit us!

We may dream all things we should;

And let Nature hold our trust,

For our hearts, minds and bodies good.



Will George © 1994



Will George Poet