Bless thy Servants O lord,

     They walk the paths of adversity.

Strengthen their footsteps,

     Let them face unrighteousness.

Nurture the hunger of the night.

     Illumine the darkest of hours,

Counter the forces of evil.

     Lift them up O lord.

They shall go forth joyfully.

     Peace shall give sustenance,

Silence offers praises.

     Let us remain humble, Lord.

Guide Your successes over all.

     Keep us in Your hand.

Within Your reach we will dwell.


Yours is the way, Lord,

     Our spirit is Yours.

Weigh the challenges daily,

     Fill our hearts in compassion.

Let us be mindful of our trial.

     Our minds are refreshed,

Be patient with our failings.

     All good things come of Thee,

Shall the distance be long.

     You shorten our journey,

When we are overcome.

     We know You are with us,

Joy is being with You.

     We share in Your bounty,

Our duty is Your gift.


June 7th. 1992 © Will George.

Will George Poet