Thoughtful Journeys.


Why should we contemplate?

Is it to lift ourselves to a higher plain

so that we can look at our own faults,

or is it to consider those of our companions?


Are we to judge ourselves,

our own shortcomings?

Are we able to correct

those inner faults that we suppress?


Who is able to be both judge and jury?

We may put ourselves in God’s trust!

We are limited in our interpretation,

our blindness can be its own limitation!


The pottery shards are a little like the pathway of life;

sharp as cinders, yet they are man made.

Many people will crawl, hesitating, not willing to go forward

while others will rush on not savouring potential delights.


The highways, concrete expressways, offer freedom,

yet little is gained in our effort to save time!

If we are unable to pause, to stop and to enjoy

those wonderful destinations, when will we hope to arrive?


Good moments are timeless and worthy of note!

It is better to control where we stop

than be trapped in the daily traffic jam

where temper may be the temptation of lost moments.


Let us look again at our environment.

We can pause and appreciate much

within the scope of our vision

and we can be lifted up above all restrictions.


Think on the practical experiences

and savour the special moments.

Let your companions benefit from their sharing

of your quick wit and deep friendship.


Thoughts will be your mode of transport!

Bridges can be built by a greater appreciation

of life’s endless journey as the participant

amongst the silent and the hurried!


Will George © 1997


Will George Poet