I may do what has been done before,

I may say what has already been said:

But the ears that hear are new,

The minds that receive are few.

I speak again to awaken the dead,

I do what remains to re-open and restore.


There are battles yet to be won,

By the sword and the pen;

Blood, like ink, will flow,

Freely releasing words and cries of woe.

Are the flowers blooming where you grow?

Through what cosmic path will you flow?


There are less voices to be raised,

By those who see and know;

There are fewer choices to be made

By those who want to grow.

The mindful will not fail to vow,

To stand firm and to face the blow!


God gives His grace, a quiet strength,

To children who once lost themselves.

React and affirm by an act of faith,

A willingness to face new birth;

There is a call awaiting response,

The commitment to speak and to be confirmed.


This confirmation is not the laying of hands,

But a moral, ethical and spiritual baptism.

It is a call to accept a role,

To be responsive to human shortfall.

If you have chosen God, then you should know;

Service to aid mankind the prerequisite; for God has chosen You!


Many who will be sister and brother,

Are joined by one constant link.

The understanding of tomorrow's fortune,

The chain that now remains at the brink,

Of Humanity's collective misery and redemption,

The solution entrusted by support of one another.


There will be a redemption, timely and true;

The process began long ago.

Humanity has need for order and comfort.

This will be gained only by development,

The action of each individual, singularly

And in unison until the goal is secure.


Will George © 1996


Will George Poet