The Passion of Michelangelo Buonarotti


These are the hands of the working man, callouses mark them deep!

The beauty contained within granite blocks by God’s gift is released.

Images locked within the boundaries set by Nature are tightly held,

waiting for a moment of insight and the effort to open the clasp.


Wonders of wonders take form and make themselves known!

Shapes organise to present magnificence, keen and meaningful expression of the world.

Birds fly and animals frolic and play at the game of life.

Faces reveal tribulation and ecstasy.


Rock that is caressed may soften and at the touch give form and purpose.

Each stroke of a sharp blade leaves the next layer awaiting mutation.

Sharpness is honed by craft and skill with the right tool to produce result.

The final image presents itself when all remnants are removed.


The artisan hopes to be more than the labourer,

it is to him that those who seek beauty come.

Many wish to appraise the best, to be aware of the most luxurious.

Panoramas can be vignettes, captured moments, of depth and intensity.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Creation has already crafted that which the artist emulates.

Colours, rich and lively, are as mirrors of the simple and the delicate.

Light, diffuse, leaves a temporary impression reflected in paint.


The concept of frozen action is the impression of the transfiguration

as a change of permanence witnessed by those fortunate to be present at that time of grace!


Words alone cannot enthrone the images that the eyes perceive,

yet the other senses are not dulled but quickened in their appreciation of the experience.

Smooth or sensitive the touch upon the surface of the sculptured form the fingers pulse,

receptive to the effort put forth into its being.


The nostrils flare at the assault of aromas conjured by the artisans work.

Material signatures are released in new found flavours which enhance all.

Precious oils are the balm laid upon the body to be borne to a higher plain.

The actions remaining have their own place and priority.


Reality and surreality are freed from the confines in which they are conceived.

No tomb can be a prison that captures and holds the living within its grasp.

The impressionist seeks to release the same emotion by the stroke of the brush.

Ecstatic and exciting the contours flow seeking ultimate freedom.

Without faith what would be unaccomplished?

“Buonarotti” goaded by his paternal mentor awakened and realised great potential.

To him there could be no better than his best and he was expectant

that God who is above and beyond all called him to meet the challenge.


Frescoes capture the mind and hearts of the audience by their vividness.

They are limited only by the imagination, not of the artist, but of the viewer!

Thoughts do not transcend time or emotion, yet the artist attempts to awaken the soul.

The message delivered reiterated with the frailty of human failure.



God delivers many things and in his hands those implements handled with skill

respond and gain favour when the result produced is greater than the expected.

We can dream or we can create upon a parallel that which is unparalleled,

confident that our critic will criticize only if we do not try to reach in and out.


April 4th. 1997 © Will George


Will George Poet