God doesn’t sit in the back seat;

But He doesn’t drive either!

He lets us find our own way.

Signposts mark the route,

That we may follow.

We may consider a map,

With the straightest path,

That takes us from one point,

To another in the shortest time.

Unfortunately we often find,

Road works, or some other interruption,

Delays the speed of our journey.

We often have to wait,

Occasionally have to re-route.

The impact of this inconvenience,

May hinder our enjoyment,

Our appreciation of variety,

Sometimes the completion of our trip!


The motor in which we travel,

Is the fundamental vehicle,

Upon which we must rely!

It must be maintained,

Regularly, if not daily.

There are things needed,

Oil, fuel and water,

Each for the engine to function.

A little dusting, a little polishing,

Improves or maintains the finish,

And the comfort of our environment.

But we should remember,

The exterior surface is not the priority,

For a pretty face confirms no inner strength.


We all journey;

According to our own sense;

Of purpose and direction;

How well do we prepare?

We will sometimes crawl,

Bound by the congestion,

Of the road.

Unsure of how to speed up,

Or when to avoid the delay.

frequently we will speed,

Through restricted zones,

At the risk of others,

Missing the beauty,

Or the simplicity,

Of our surrounding,

Recklessly we cruise,

at breakneck speed,

On highways, designed,

To move volumes of similar,

Transients to some other destination.


Our journey may be long;

We must plan to stop,

To rest, or to be fed,

To sleep and to recover,

From hours that are tiring.

We may not relish,

Our choice of accommodation,

Or the food available.

We may eat sparingly,

We may sleep restlessly,

We fail to savour our respite.


God allows us to drive!

Pitfalls and obstacles,

may be of our creation;

Forethought and understanding,

May assist us in resisting,

Temptation and misdirection.

It is not inappropriate,

To look for help,

When we are lost,

Or when we are in doubt.

There are no traffic wardens,

Speed traps or policemen,

Along the path we seek,

Yet, convention may provide,

Some form of assistance,

To reinforce our perception,

To give a fair account,

To ensure a safe arrival,

For which God will welcome us!


May 26th. 1996 © Will George.


Will George Poet