Assembly, a throng of people.

Parents first, waiting, impatient.

Acknowledgement of some,

Animated conversation follows, frivolous,

Sharing in mornings repetition.

A chorus, poorly transmitted vibrates,

"O Canada," standing, still, pensive;

Rebels leave, not attentive.

Struggling, some sing, undevoted.

Processions begin, teachers lead,

Sidle off, distant placed, retreated.

Children, in line, bound, chatty,

One to another, orderly seated.


Authority, firmness takes command;

Respected Principal, acknowledged by hand.

Attention focused, begins the final act.

Praise and re-assurance are given,

Goodbye's and hopes of reunion;

A sharing of relationships and facts.

A presentation follows, certificates and crests,

Applause for each class standing, together.

Friends, students, this class to be no longer.

Four grades; four teachers, three comment,

Sincere, warm, spoken to the students.

Others, a broader role, play their part.


Now a group of lower grade, Fours, spectators,

Leave to resume their final day, in anticipation,

Of roles and responsibilities when they advance.

Refreshments, always provided, a cake, some punch,

Consumed as is the experience now passing,

Until another round, another graduation day.

Free spirits gather momentarily, to set tradition.

A multitude of brightly coloured balloons,

Mirror their captor, small, larger, brighter, fuller;

Climb to the sky, released to the wind and fate.

Memories are collected, signatures in an autograph book.

How long will they be remembered, maybe understood?


July 10th. 1993 © Will George.

Will George Poet