The children gather in the gathering place,

Anticipation reflecting upon each face,

Tension rises as each prepares

To take their part in the day's affair.


There is a story to be told.

A story from days of old;

To tell of the birth of a Holy Lord,

Of Jesus; the Son of God.


There are Shepherds, Wisemen, Angels too,

Mary and Joseph and a baby just new.

The scenery of hills trees and grass;

The voices singing the holy mass.


The birth star shining with a great light,

The heavenly guide to bless the night,

Above the Manger in Bethlehem;

To which our Lord and Saviour came.


The carols tell the Christmas tale.

"Silent Night" and "O Come All Ye Faithful."

"Away in a Manger" and "Joy to the World."

The message, in music, you may behold.



The performers, their lines learned by rote,

Dressed in bright costume and gaily coloured coat,

Briefly share that moment of time

And deliver the beauty of Christmas in rhyme.


The Narrator, the holy scene has set,

Where willing players now are met,

To share with many a new hope of life,

Of the Nativity's answer to mankind's strife.


We are able to stop and listen,

To understand the holy mission,

To take away a special thought,

And share in the gift our Christ has brought.


A new beginning starts with a birth,

Where every person upon this earth,

May appreciate the value given,

When love and peace is a part of living!


Dec. 17th. 1995 © Will George

Will George Poet