cheap tabloids are not wanted

for they are purveyors of injustice.

          they take the weaknesses of folk

and magnify them beyond reason.

          tares are cast freely

anticipating frivolous results.

          the trap is the common snare

set with malice of forethought.


Human shortfalls can be easily exposed.

Those who have erred stand to pay a greater price

than even the law would seek to punish.

Cruelty becomes the benchmark

beneath the facade of justice.


          the frightened who are so caught

stand by ineffectual.

          they no longer take issue with the offender.

          They no longer strive for right

or a place of dignity.

          They capitulate and slink away

as dogs with their tails between their legs!


          those who are the true curse

pompously march.

          their finger points and wags while poison ink

flows from the shallowness of their speech.

          Words are easily tainted and values misconstrued.

To what point is the pen prick allowed to let blood?


          profit is the motive, for there is no product,

there is no service that can be worthy of remuneration.

          these inquisitors are devoid of religion

yet claim self- righteousness;

          they are no better than the hate mongers

who have gone before.


          wolves in wolves clothing,

they bleat like sheep,

          only to lead the lambs themselves

to the slaughter.

          the smell of blood clings to their nostrils

and their tongues wag, lapping,

          while they tear apart the flesh rendered

by the smallest wound.


          the glamorous are paraded

to embellish the glamorless.

          glizty personalities are often quoted,

not always in context.

          the mundane attempt credence

while they are absent of credulity.

          there is no distinction

for which they are not devoid.


          to whom is the privilege given

to be jury and judge?

          convention puts the civility of action

above civil law.

          touts can only tout the items

for which they are not penalised.

          It is time to discard those

whose conscience is unconscionable!


Will George © 1997


Will George Poet