There is no common ground to reconcile,

there is little understanding!

People appear to be selfish, some are,

many are just afraid.

Fear binds voices, limbs and spirits,

tighter than bands of steel or shackles of iron.



A common general question!

Why are people restrained?

What is their motivation or the lack thereof?

For what reason are people lacking

the drive for accomplishment?


Faith and vision have no meaning!

There is no common belief that people adhere to...

They have forgotten God,

perhaps they have never known him!



Once again we ask!

Are those who pass through life blind,

blind to the beauty and wonder,

the greatness of a Creator!


It is a gift to be able to see,

to look toward the horizon,

to encompass all that is contained therein,

to be significant in such a kingdom.


How will you greet tomorrow

if you cannot participate in today?

The wish to attain the balance of the future

forms the outline of vision.


Our eyes grow tired, are sometimes strained

on the sunniest of days,

even in those full of shadows and clouds.

The darkness brings doubts!


We wonder if our lives have purpose.

There are times when we do not know where we are.

We look at the place in which we stand.

We are lost and we do not know how we will be found!


Sorrow is not a comforter,

whereas it is a release.

Actions are often a reactionary reflex,

the result of a loss!

Reason is often misunderstood

and thoughts are often misaligned.


Passions rarely mingle and flow,

they run wild, beyond the wildest dream.

There are no boundaries which contain everything.

Satisfaction is achieved by the quest of the journey,

the ultimate reward is the result of ones effort!


We are obligated to many participants

who form the ring of our conscious mind.

To each of them we owe the one thing that is important;

The opportunity to be our selves;

To this we should be reconciled!


March 25th. 1997   ©       Will George




Will George Poet