They’ve reclaimed the Pit at the Trelewis Drift.

Now you can reclaim your soul.

The sky meets the earth on wild Welsh hills.

It's the Land of Song that it once was.


An enclave of opportunities exist

For the development of the body and the mind.

Activities designed to encourage your growth

May be enjoyed in a unique environment.


Healthy living has become the focus.

Society wants you to re-balance your life.

Consider the extremes of poverty and hunger;

Experienced by miners who clung to the daily strife.


Rubble, stone and concrete filled the pit shaft.

Tips, the massed mounds of waste tipped coal

Have been removed or rehabilitated.

There is pleasure in walking the old renewed site.


Water is no longer pumped as a black slurry.

Lakes, man made, now serve to bring something new.

Water once the enemy is now a friend,

Still demanding respect and responsible use.


The mountain faces of hewn rock are climbed for sport.

The stone no longer feeds the industrial appetite.

Mosses and grasses grow unhindered;

Flowers may bloom with simple delight.


Taf Bargoed, one river valley in the midst of many,

Plays host to an adventurous place.

It brings more to the local community,

And much to those from further afar.


A climbing centre indoors is an innovation;

The concept deserves an acclamation.

Here the elements are not so harsh.

Exhilaration can rest with ones own achievements.


Wales has a natural beauty that offers many rewards.

Individually we can build upon our own foundation.

Personality can be changed to reflect the depth of its impression.

Motivation can adopt the character of every challenge.


Climbing, kayaking, abseiling and caving add to the repertoire.

They form the means to test one's endurance.

Hill walking and scrambling bring nature’s wonders closer.

All events can contribute to the greater self.


Those who once cut rock to live will extol the virtue of leisure.

The International Climbing Centre extends a welcome

That broadens the mind and encourages physical growth.

A new development turns the old into something of greater appeal.


Deep Navigation Pit is now the Millennium Park.

The working of King Coal has been transformed from a blight;

Scenic beauty once more reflects on the wonders of nature.

The land and the air embrace their new freedom.


Mining has been the lifeblood of Wales!

Now after the death of the mines a resurgence has begun.

Innovation has taken the natural element and re-moulded a new face.

Those who seek adventure will find it for the price of sweat without tears!


Will George © October 10, 2004


Will George Poet