The Lord is with me

I shall walk in His way

His will is mine

His footsteps guide me.

Lord have mercy

Keep us in thy grace

Let our minds and our hearts

Rejoice in Your gifts.


I knowest not Thee, My Lord.

I have turned against Thy word

I have put my self before Thee!

Pride has been given first place.

My spirit moans in absence;

My mind drags in tardy form.

How shall my body be made whole?

Where will I find Your strength, Lord?


You offer and give forgiveness;

A pathway is laid before us.

My footsteps may follow Yours, Lord;

It is my challenge, my reward!

There is peace and nurture;

You are the Word that comforts.

We are to praise Thee, Our God;

Our Spirit is to be lifted up with love.


Dec. 13th. 1993 © Will George.

Will George Poet