Healing! Is it the outcome of the Hippocratic oath?

Physical repair, maintenance of body in its course.

No! Much more; the uplifting of spirit;

A balm, to ease that which remains within.


There is noise; voices which constantly echo;

Louder and louder they will become.

Weakness is buffeted by tremors,

Earth shaking, hurricanes, soon will begin.


Where a life force has experienced only violence,

How can it know the sweetness of peace?

Shall tempest be the daily torment?

Will the body likewise be without ease?


"Physician heal yourself!"

How could this be?

For the mirror reflects only the surface it sees;

The physician must be touched by wholeness.


We have been given a blessing;

To open our deepest locked cavity;

What shall my prayer be?

'Repair me, Lord, with your touch so holy!'


The Apostles were given a gift,

To pass onto those who would serve;

In the words of Christ they would command,

By imparting the blessing by touch of hand.


If you are one who has been hurt,

Place your faith in Christ's work;

There is a cure for your pain,

Be not afraid to let Him enter your domain!


March 11th. 1996 © Will George

Will George Poet