Philosopher’s vision


Is the role of philosopher incongruent with that of the realist?

Is philosophy the wish for what should be and is reality the truth of what is?

Thoughts gathered, encapsulated and presented take on their own identity,

not necessarily that of the compositor.

Logic may be advanced in a thesis that may have preformed boundaries and distant horizons.


Vision knows none of these niceties and often cannot be gathered together or shared;

A capsule is a seed,  a shell,  having a timeliness tied to another form of worldliness;

It is held within the scope of human sight representative of its own being.


The wonder that goes unseen is buried beneath soil that many disregard and value little for life’s essential elements.

For many the reality that is, is also a philosophy!

There is a danger in the process of liberated thought,

especially from those who thought they were liberated.


March 9th. 1997 © Will George


Will George Poet