One question then!


One question to ask!

Is it only one?

The sky is blue when shrouded

by nimbus or cumulus.

The rain will fall,

The sun is cloaked,

Even so the moon gleams.


Love is soothing,

Love is painful.

Relationships can be testing,

they can be fulfilling.

The heart may ache when happy,

it may ache when sad.


The trees grow in close proximity,

competitive or in companionship,

the relationship symbiotic.

Branches interleave at all stages of growth,

not all dominant,

each developing as best that it can.

There are trees that bear fruit!

Others may not until they reach an age of maturity.

Some may fall tired,

aged unable to reach out.

One question then!


The night does not wait for the close of day.

The dusk in crimson, orange or green,

flares up to mark its final curtain,

shadowed and embalmed by darkness.

The day chases the darkness.

The night chases the light.

One of them is first!

They travel in proportionate speed

pacing each other, pacing the earth.

The speed of light is equalled

by the speed of darkness:

And in its wake the universe

draws its mantle.

One question then?


Love continues to wrap itself

and all it shadows!

Human spirit and human soul awakens;

First to the dark, then to the light.

The struggle begins

within the confines of the heart,

within the confines of the mind.

God knows how it is!

One question then!


Our experiences make us who we are.

Loving, considerate, thoughtful and caring,

hated and hateful, despicable and despot.

The appreciation of one another

is a value learned, a value tested.

The answer is not simple.

Our development is dependent on others.

Those who transgress have been transgressed

by other transgressors.

The circle is rarely broken,

yet on the pond one wave will dominate

and ripple its way toward the bank.

Life as it is lived represents the ripple,

a presence upon the surface of the pond,

buffeted by other lives.


Water is easily displaced,

holds no shape,

is molded by any form

that will contain it.

The liquid retains heat or cools to freeze,

flows fast, slow or is immovable.

The body, not the content, is present.

One question then?

One question is not enough!


September 2nd. 1996 © Will George


Will George Poet