children, why?

Our future planned for us.

Selfish the thought, the need,

To preserve our youth.

Dreams to be realized perhaps,

Because we do not try!


children, whose?

Parents, a woman, a man.

Father, Mother, these are responsible,

To teach, to nurture, to help in growth.

Not everyone fills the role,

Maybe it will not be you?


children, when?

A decision in the heat of passion.

Unprotected thoughts, left untendered,

Soon realized, swollen presence.

Carried while adjustment is made,

While searching, a new beginning.


children, where?

An environment awaits.

Emotional, warm or desolate,

Dependent on human weakness.

A long day, some are happy,

Others, unrooted drift, immature.


children, what?

Clutter, of schedules.

Harmony broken, balance upset,

To what end daily rituals reset.

Feeding, sleep, exercise; Ours!

Moved to oneside, unromantic!


Children, how?

Can they be nurturing,

Understanding of love and faith.

Will their future bring joy,

Satisfaction and maturity.

Helping each would-be parent to grow?


July 17th. 1993. © Will George

Will George Poet