Who is calling?

Why should I hear?

My mind listens;

To what? Within! Without!

I stop! Not!


Another story teller;

More tales; Fables;

Of riches; Wealth.

I want! Not!


How persistent;

Stillness promised;

Calm; Winds blow;

Strong; Slow; Stop.

I follow! Not!


My freedom given;

Granted unconditional;

Spirit released;

To choose;

Mind and heart separate;

I refuse! Not!


Observe the plea;

No! Invitation! To share!

Only ME! Called by one!

Turn away; Compelled;

I flee! Not!


My Lord! My Lord!

Understanding is lost.

Acceptance is totally given;

I rebel! Not!


Words are wholesome;

Meaning encompassing.

Richness fulfilling;

Allaying all fears.

I ignore! Not!


Saviour; You save!

Love redeems all.

All are received!

Forgiveness; Shared forever.

I alone! Not!


April 1993 © Will George.

Will George Poet