Today, I remembered a friend;

Someone who has taken a long journey.

There is sadness in my memory;

A loss; Of presence which will be no more!

The letter brought the news;

In detail it told its own story.

His courage was to bear;

The burden of long days without relief.

There was no choice of action;

No element of escape from affliction.


The world offers things of beauty;

But for some it reflects only pain.

We can be distanced;

Sometimes even protected, insulated from care.

There is false hope; An alternative;

To turn our backs and close our minds.

My friend; We shared experiences;

Learned from each other; Understood difference.

There is something in culture;

A way of living with no way of compensation!


Our environments are not the same;

We share another expression; A bond of faith.

An earthly life is fixed;

Graded to the strength of our minds, our bodies.

We can be ravaged by pestilence;

Disease; We cannot control every eventuality.

His was without choice;

A modern risk; Unfound exposure; Not risque.


Compassion swells within for this loss:

A reminder of the weight of many gone before.

Alone and left behind day by day;

Loneliness! Rejection! There is little dignity given!

Is there some form of redemption?

Yes! A belief! An assurance in that beyond.

I give thanks for my friend;

For joys shared in our past.

Many memories to be recalled;

Occasions of closeness and celebration.

His tomorrow brings a new vision!

One of peace; Strength and harmony!


May 13th. © Will George.

Will George Poet