Mark 10-14



Forbid them not the little children to come unto me.

For Christ loves all children and in the child

resides the kingdom of God.

He took them into his arms

put his hands upon them and blessed them.


Allow the children to come forward!

A word twisted in modern usage

misleads the true intent that coloured the message.


Forbid them not!

Children are as the kingdom of Heaven.

Innocence, unblemished, untarnished by the fault of Humanity.


He took them into his arms and he laid his hands upon their heads

and blessed them, confirming his message.

God sent his messenger with the word,

the word of his love.

Forgiveness for the weakness of all.

A new covenant.


In the child resides the kingdom of God.

The spirit ready to respond to a simple truth;

Unbiased, ready to see the good and positive of life.

Protect our children from all corruption,

and perhaps we may understand!


Will George ©  Mar 7, 04

Will George Poet