Can a poor man reach out and touch a Queen?

     A Lord! Yes, for that is granted to us.

But of earthly pillars, what would it mean?

     For the Spirit may come forth in calm gusts.

Who put distance between the highest and the lowest?

     While our God says "Come forth to Zion!"

Petition an audience in public prostration;

     Silently pray for all at His invitation.

What is correct, which form of address?

     Kneel and talk plainly from your breast;

Who will listen to your motive and politic?

     While in generalities, we must be specific.

Pray thee, we are granted a boon,

     Stand still, listen, it shall be revealed soon.

Worthy is a gift for the highest of the high;

     Yet remember, "If you have two robes, give one away!"

July 25th. 1993



Faith calls us to follow a dream;

Choices we make driven with full steam.

Our concern for our own success;

At what price? How do we invest?

Relationships good for a day;

Is there a tomorrow? Come what may!

Love; Responsibility progress separate;

How soon does inaction lead to hate?

We are a part of a living collage!

Briefly permanent, but soon to be discharged.

Our image reflects many parts;

Eventually displays the truth of our hearts.

Hope! There is some when we share;

Our fears; Our dreams we can compare.

We can give freely of self;

Remembering we need that someone else!


Dec 13th. 1993 © Will George.


Will George Poet