Man’s failing is not that he must be loved;

But that he wishes to love!

Christ said, “Love One Another, as I have Loved You!”

He did not say, “Love others as you have loved me!”

This love is a great love,

A special love; a gift beyond gifts!


Will you love a wife who has been another’s mistress?

Will you recognize he, the friend, who has been your wife’s lover?

The love that you wish to extend is unconditional.

It reaches beyond all boundaries.

Yet you expect that your love will be received,

Fully and without reservation or rejection.


There is pain with this love!

There is the lack of understanding;

The falseness of personality and priority.

There is the simple off-handed dismissal,

Which by itself fails to give credence or value,

To the desire that is held within.


We wither and die when we lock ourselves up;

When we shut ourselves out, or away from others.

We all shun the idea of rejection,

We all fear the failure of initiative and action;

As individuals, we seek to be a part of a greater community.

We hope to bring results from our participation.


The need to love does not focus on one person;

Yet often we tend towards that one principal.

This love is not itself a purely physical love,

It goes beyond the confines of such space.

There is a joy in being accepted, encouraged and understood,

There is satisfaction in knowing you have been a part of something good.


We express our delight and conviction upon our discovery,

Of the awakening of the spirit that drives,

And that which gives a positive acknowledgment;

A form of appreciation, a sense of accomplishment.

Our very essence is poured out to provide sustenance,

To flow as the sap that will force the branch to bud.


There is a well so deep that must be drained,

Lest failure to do so leaves the water stagnant.

Old liquid can become foul and pollute,

A poison rather than the life blood,

Of all manner of living thing;

The crystal purity once lost may not be regained.


“It is better to give than to receive!”

What words! How descriptive are they?

This does not suggest violence or retribution,

It does not interpret as malice or ill-will,

For any gift worth giving must itself be a worthy item.

The white elephant is a contrary audacity!


The demands of the body are exacting!

But it is not solely muscle that builds cities.

The heart and the vision are endemic,

To the completion of any event or epic.

Love expands to encompass the dream,

Built upon a foundation that can be a reality.


How will your brother or sister identify with you?

Is there a different rule for your neighbour,

Are friends another form of convenience,

Do they relate as opposition to your foe?

Will you be awakened by the question,

Of whether your heart, or your gut is a part of your soul?


Children are our future!

Children have been our past and are our present!

How do we help them to develop and to appreciate,

The truth and beauty of the world,

That has and will continue to exist,

To know their value and of God’s greater gift?


My love is a very real presence;

A rain cloud bursting to bring refreshing dew.

The rainbow to enhance the sunlight,

Of skies silver, that shine bright blue!

To let the sunbeams dance freely,

To let the recipient grow a little with me!


“Love one another as I have loved you!”

There was one sacrifice made of one great life.

We are not martyrs who seek to reach out;

To share the nurture of our deepest thought,

To see our precious life source be drained and cast away;

We ask for appreciation and perhaps a similar refrain!


Are there boundaries which strip the freedom of love?

No action is completed without thought.

It may be by calculation or by impulse,

Both call for some form of system,

To execute the desired process;

There is nothing that is done that has not been sought!


Love of the greatest kind is a test!

It is not wholesome upon receipt;

Although it may be conceived as complete,

Passion stimulates the body to action,

Reflex and primordial the result;

There are times when the outcome has to be realized!


Love: It does not mean that I cannot be sad!

That I cannot cry tears of woe;

Where have I put my faith?

Trust has been greatly misplaced,

It will not be found in Janus;

The will is redirected by the two faced!


June 3rd. 1996 © Will George.


Will George Poet