It is time to heal!


It is time to heal!

It is time to heal

the rifts that separate

Man from God.

Who is it that will be first?

Who will renew the promise,

to approach the Holy tabernacle

to give praise and listen

to the voice of direction?


We cannot remain separate.

There is no advantage being at odds,

facing each other as aggressors.

If we are to realize the truth,

if we are to be more than cattle,

the choices must be made.

One to another we must agree

and form a cohesive state.


There is no need to accumulate

tokens that give no spiritual development.

Talents are weighed in more ways

than we would hope to gain.

Gifts are evidenced by their outcome,

visible and direct their contributions.

We come to understand by weighing thought and action;

One the precursor of the other!


It is time to heal;

Guilty souls need to be forgiven.

Old wounds must vanish,

new wounds must be vanquished.

Assurance must be evident

that past transgressions

will not re-emerge.

The slate must be clean!



They say there are no shades of black and white.

They say there are only shades of grey.

This cannot remain!

The contaminated must be purified,

there must be a clear division.

The solution to the question

is in how the riddle is answered.

It is time to heal!


Many who have fallen can be raised

upward and onward in word of praise.

New life starts today, at that moment

of rebirth seen and felt, the release

of greater debt and of great relief.

New zest flows and old bodies are refreshed.

The mind may not know of the spirits quest

for that beyond which the eye can see.


There is a truth in passion gripped,

wholeheartedly the focus of healing thought.

We are to become a part of God’s world

to expand to fill a space not a void.

It is encumbent on ourselves to rise up

to take the time, for time given, is indeed a Grace.

If in the moment of conceptual reality we become aware,

then the purpose of life may be all of the answer upon which we dare.


June 25th., 1997 © Will George


Will George Poet