A modern day tale of retribution.

What can a man lose that is the most important?

I tell you this, there are many who have lost possession;

Of job: Imagine the power, respect, financial,

Position that has been taken away.

Money is as useful to the extent it provides.


Family connections are valued if they are nurtured!

I have friends, who have come, who have known my wife;

What is the loss in a very short life?

What is the tie that binds us to what is right?


We who are fallen, suffer pain only once:

The ache and vacancy of our shortcoming.

Where is my faith, when all I can feel is void.

Is the darkness of the pit outside, or could it be inside?


My tongue is tied if I speak of love,

For life on earth, or heaven above,

Has no sense when moral decay,

Has taken the prize, the reward away.

The soul can linger in its own space,

Sadly lacking that link to God’s grace.

We can come to meet the foe face to face,

Where we ask for the support and redemption of Christ!


Where are those friends now who have sat at your table?

Can it be they have fled, and found themselves in Purgatory?

Who will bear responsibility for the failing,

Of rules and obligations that should be prevailing?

What makes beggars of the wealthy and rich?

It might be the sadness of incomplete health,

It is possible your friends as counsellors will be,

Supportive, understanding; who will show some honesty.


Walk gently through that good night,

Upon which you have written and have lost sight,

Of the pre-nuptial bond that was to bind,

To be the reward of support and shared life.

A gift loses its sweetness when it is given away,

The flavour sours when one is dismayed,

By the pretense of a cover that did not lay,

Upon the breast fair, at the price you have paid.


My mind is cast in the shadow of doubt!

There is no pain greater, than to be without;

A possession prized above many things,

Especially if it is a gift given with no strings.

The act of one’s own violition, something from within,

Shared as a truth and secret admission.

There are times when the weakest will fall,

Or, the stronger, because they choose to end all.


Be wary of the falsehoods that mask the morn,

Of the words uttered as they are spawned,

To cover the depth of an iniquity,

When the cover is a blind to cover perjury!

Friends may not be what they propose,

Token actions are there for their own purpose,

No truth can be replaced by proven fact,

No admission will leave the status quo intact!

There are many occasions where support is lacking,

The manner of device something quite shocking,

The beauty of self assurance,

The requirement to maintain endurance.


I am Job!

My earlier experience was tested,

Compliant the admonition of those to be feared,

My God, why has thou forsaken me?

To what purpose will my destruction serve?

My loss of possession, of pride,

In itself has not eliminated my desire,

But my soul, embittered will be cast down when I have died!


God will surely provide,

To those who retain His truth inside,

To be a witness of this greater power,

Beyond the insignificant man of this hour,

Upon this planet which will cease to live,

Likewise be consumed by everlasting fire,

The death of a glory no man could inspire,

The failure of goodness over evil to forgive.


Let those who can, give praise to God!

Let those who repel the truth of the Word,

Be silent and still in their night,

Let theirs be the eternal death as their right.

Those who have broken their trust,

Have inflicted the punishment, the reward of the lust,

For which they shall be eternally consumed,

In the chains of darkness and dust.


I can only ask God to give me relief;

I cannot ask for a joy I cannot understand;

I cannot ask for something of which I have no experience,

I can be content with a simple life.

I accept all that is my indifference,

To the betrayal of what should be significant,

By the actions of others whose relationships are rife,

Who, by their immorality, have compromised a predicament.


Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned;

Forgive me Lord, for I am a sinner;

Forgive me Lord through your grace,

Forgive me Lord that I may give praise.

Forgive me Lord for those I have known,

Forgive me Lord for all that has been sown,

Forgive me Lord that I should forgive,

Forgive me Lord if I may have a life to live!


May 18th. 1996 © Will George.


Will George Poet