There is somethng to be cherished

in a Grandfather's smile,

as he holds the most precious, his grandchild.

To hear the gurgles and the clucks,

softly sounded to gain attention,

to give interest and re-assurance

and to ease the child as he is cuddled.


Grandmother's too exhibit pride;

Enjoy showing off the most beautiful grandchild.

Whether boy or girl you will often find

her joy is shown in every smile.

Nature in its wonder has given

the most natural of instinct

to nurture and to encourage growth

to see progress from those first steps after birth.


Mothers and Fathers; Mums and Dads,

Who can share in the wonder of their child's development

to include the better parts of care and concern,

To foster success and help them to learn.

Their role as parents the most important

to set them right on their path through life.

They will soon grow enough

so enjoy the challenge and the reward of helping them along.


Grandparents can offer support.

They provide the child care when a rest is required.

A change is often one of the best gifts

A couple may enjoy and find a release

to give them that break to renew their focus.

At the end of the day or at the end of the night

they may kiss their grandchild and say a welcome goodnight

As they return to their own self contained respite.


July 15, 2004Will George

Will George Poet