Christmas Past, Present and...!


Tradition, an establishment of the past;

An idea developed, allowed to last.

Symbols embodied among ritual;

Thoughts conceived openly visual.


A journey began in a biblical text;

Prophecies of redemption for a religious sect.

A promise foretold of a wonderful birth;

A heavenly sign was to come first.


In the small town of Bethlehem;

An event given witness by Three Wise Men.

Mankind's redemption, a new destiny;

A pathway to follow toward infinity.


A renewal! A light in the darkness;

A thanksgiving; An offering of preparedness.

A child; A celebration to our God;

A man; Witnessed to our given Lord.


We celebrate a special time;

Select a theme, focus our minds.

The stories we follow provide a path;

They allow us to look into our hearts.


The light comes before us;

Through Winter's dark grasp.

A brightness surrounds each of our steps;

While we ponder anew on the season afresh.


On what Winters's day,

Or would that be in Summer's fray,

Will we delight and frolic?

Passing time seasonally bucolic.


We acknowledge a birth;

Surround glittering festive mirth.

Consuming possessions for what worth?

Focused on values expanding our girth.


We decorate our homes, workplaces, stores!

Bright and glittering objects rise from the floor.

Baubles and trinkets, paper and silver trim,

Multi-coloured, a disguise for the grim.


We deflect the shortfall of spirit within;

Reflect the false values of personal sin.

We pay homage to our evergreens tall;

Replacing a thanksgiving for Christ's humble stall.


Do we... wallow in pagan delights?

...Enjoy the commercial bright lights?

...Concentrate on having more?

...Expect to keep a running score?


The Seasons are marked one by one!

By industry and retailer based fun!

The purpose to sell to the multitude;

Individually led for the many we exclude!


Jan 10th. 1994 © Will George.

Will George Poet