An Elder


A Beloved Elder.

A Brother, the eldest of a large family,

of siblings, friends not enemies, not competitors.

Respected and revered, but mostly loved,

for a caring, empathetic and compassionate man.


Also a Son, the first born,

fought for life, for survival.

Nurtured, watched, taught,

by a Mother, who looked upon her baby,

even to the end.


Seven tens and one years of life,

of contribution to the growth of others.

Proud to be of simple stock,

willing to do much,

a life shared with family, with friends,

with work colleagues, and his community.


A Husband for many years devoted,

understanding, predeceased by the partner of his life.


One who shared trials and tribulations.

Fought his own adversities, his own disadvantages.

Struggled with physical limitations and overcame.

He did not complain, he was positive.


A Father, and a Grandfather,

he had the best interest at heart,

of his daughter, husband, grandson and granddaughter.

He showed his love, his concern, always.


There are many stories that may be told,

Good memories to be exchanged.

The question may be asked,

'What has this man done?'

It is much.

There is a true testimony to this life.


When the scales are weighed,

the balance will be fair.

One of eleven souls,

who may be called before his God,

Having done enough.


Will George © 25July 2014

For Jeff.

Will George Poet