A simple beginning.


Christmas is for children,

For them the Christ child is born.

A simple birth in simple setting,

Amongst those who faced life alone.


The animals in the manger, a shelter

Built to ward off the unexpected storm.

The buyer filled with common feed,

The dried grasses dormant bundles of hay.

Cows and mules therein, tied, lest they stray.


The shepherds came with their sheep

To see where the prince might lay.

The light subdued, in shallow lamp, cast

Its soft radiance to point the way.


The Magi, wise men who watched, waited,

Came upon their journey long, in hope.

They too were expectant in this birth

That life would bring a kingdom new.


A simple birth, a simple beginning.

Children found faith and trust in such things.

When we age we often fail to look

Upon the lowliest event, or to find

The deepest meaning therein.


Know that God will often speak

Within our hearts and minds that sleep,

That we might retain that openness.

For we may share that wondrous thought,

A gift is given without pause.


A child is born and life begins refreshed.

We are children who rush toward unknown ends

Yet, if we stop and observe we might learn,

There is a better place so close

In truth and hope that our life may be new born.


Dec 14/02 © Will George





Will George Poet