A Child's Peace


Love is a gift,

A gift of God,

Given in the birth of His Son.

A baby born to one so meek,

The mother who is Mary.


The night was at peace,

As cattle and sheep lay at rest,

The shepherds their vigil kept.

The stars twinkled bright,

While the dew glistened fresh.


The moonbeams of silver,

With a sprinkling of gold,

Carried the evening song;

The chords of the angels

Lifted upon high, singing praises of joy.


This triumph, this herald,

Called out to the world,

To the simple, the lowly, the mild.

The word broadcast forth,

A promise of life.


The child is to be shared,

To bring understanding,

To make people aware,

Of the joy that is given,

By belief, in a Holy Lord.


For those who reach out,

There is a warmth that enfolds,

The body without, the spirit within,

A call to go forward, to make peace.

Given to you, all who so seek!


Dec. 4th. 1995 © Will George

Will George Poet